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What to wear to a wedding

what to wear to a wedding and dress for wedding occasion



The first thing to consider when attending a wedding is the time and location which can be found on the wedding invitation. Typically a wedding that is at 5:00 PM or later is the perfect opportunity to break out cocktail dress or a long gown. When choosing an after 5 cocktail dress think of color, silhouette shape, and fabric. You may use unique fabric such as lace, chiffon or a textured satin. You may use fun colors such as cobalt blue, magenta and even black! Gone are the days of a black dress being inappropriate to wear to a wedding. They key is making it fun n celebration of the event.

What to Wear to a Wedding?

A pleated option with a polka dot neckline is a great touch on a little black dress. In terms of the silhouette for your dress for a wedding, strapless is fine and match it with a pashmina. Keep in mind when choosing a bold color like magenta or cobalt blue that she will stand out from the crowd and that’s not a bad thing as long as you’re not taking away from the bride so stick to classic and timeless silhouette like a beautiful V neck lace dress or a traditional strapless fitted silhouette that is always a great choice for a wedding.

Some weddings are more formal than others and so if you’re considering wearing a long gown to a wedding, it’s a good idea to check to make sure some other guests are wearing the same.

In general, if you want to stay a little bit on that underdressed side rather than going to a really formal for a wedding, when accessorizing your wedding look, the idea of a bold statement necklace, classic pearl necklace are great addition to your wedding outfit.

What to Wear to a Wedding?

And if the ceremony is before 5:00 PM, such as an afternoon wedding or morning wedding, it’s a good idea to be a little bit less dressy, think of a beautiful soft prints flowing fabric like chiffon or cotton. The biggest rule to remember is to avoid white or ivory or any color resembling even a soft champagne can be a little too close to the bride on her wedding day.

The rule of not having more than 30% white or ivory on your dress will do!
what to wear to a wedding


::What to wear to a wedding::
::What to wear to a wedding::
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