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  1. Mgre says

    For eastwet they require to have a savings account with them atleast 6 months or open one on the spot and deposit 10,000 php

  2. Roger says

    Na approve loan ko s CITY bank kya lang kaylangan ng checking account para mabigay nila ung loan . May savings account is BDO kya lang kilangan ng atleast 50k maintaining balance s savings before makakuha ng checking account. I also have an account with union bank kya lang mas worst ung requirement kc kilangan ng 100k deposit. The only way n makuha ko ung loan ko s CITY bank is to having a checking account kc gagamitin daw n mode of payment monthly. Can someone help me?

    • Joyful Mommy says

      Hi Roger, Please check the CITYSTATE Savings Bank above, baka yun yung pinaka ok syo. Thanks!

  3. Mike says

    After reading this forum I went to China Bank Mckinley Hill branch to open a checking account but they told me that I should first have an existing account with them for at least 6months before I qualify to open a checking account.Is this a new requirement?I also went to UCPB, I was told the same thing. I badly need a checking account to pay the monthly amortization of my car loan.

    • Joyful Mommy says

      Hi Mike, I’m really sorry for the late reply, you may try CityState bank, they won’t require you to have an existing account with them, but you will have to undergo an evaluation process or screening, please call any of their branches so they can start the evaluation. Thank you!

      CityState Branches:

  4. Jigs says

    thank you, very informative and helpful

  5. Guest says

    I was able to find good information from your content.



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