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What to wear to a wedding

what to wear to a wedding and dress for wedding occasion

WHAT TO WEAR TO A WEDDING WEDDING FASHION FOR WOMEN   The first thing to consider when attending a wedding is the time and location which can be found on the wedding invitation. Typically a wedding that is at 5:00 PM or later is the perfect opportunity to break out… Read More

Penafrancia 2015 Schedule

PENAFRANCIA 2015 SCHEDULE Peñafrancia Festival Schedule of Activities Penafrancia festival is one of the most important religious celebrations not only in Naga City but all over the Philippines. Thousands of devotees and tourists from different part of the country come to Naga City every September to witness this special event… Read More

Driving in Rain Safety Tips

Driving in Rain Safety Tips or Rainy Day driving Tips

DRIVING IN RAIN SAFETY TIPS IMPORTANT DRIVING IN RAIN SAFETY TIPS:   Here are few Rainy Day Safe Driving Techniques that will help you reduce the chance of having problems when driving in the rain. Driving in the rain can certainly be challenging where roads become slippery and your visibility… Read More

Emergency Fund

Importance of emergency fund

EMERGENCY FUND EMERGENCY FUND IS A SMART THING TO HAVE!   Financial emergencies can come in the form of health emergencies, job loss, or any other major expenses. Are you prepared to handle those things? Emergency fund is a cash that you’ve saved up for the exclusive purpose of helping… Read More

Child Learning Center PreSchool Makati

child learning center preschool makati

CHILD LEARNING CENTER PRESCHOOL MAKATI RECOMMENDED PRESCHOOL MAKATI   Year Founded: 1976 Method of Teaching: Traditional Address: 1887 Milagros St. San Antonio Village, Makati City Contact Number: 980-2474 / 895-2389 Website: [ CLC FACEBOOK PAGE CLICK HERE ]   Child Learning Center Makati Class Schedules: Morning Classes – AM to… Read More