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Housing Loan Requirements Philippines

housing loan requirements

HOUSING LOAN REQUIREMENTS PHILIPPINES: YOUR GUIDE: HOUSING LOAN REQUIREMENTS PHILIPPINES   House and Lot are good investments. To those who are planning to acquire house and lot here in the Philippines, please be guided with the list of the typical Housing Loan Requirements that you might need to provide. BASIC… Read More

Wedding Hairstyles for you!

wedding hairstyle 9

LOVELY WEDDING HAIRSTYLES PERFECT WEDDING HAIRSTYLES   Choosing a perfect hairstyle for your wedding is very crucial, with so many lovely hairstyles options around, picking the right one becomes harder. The shape of your face needs to be considered in selecting the right wedding hairstyle, it is important to choose… Read More

Best Pinoy Restaurant Makati

namnam makati

BEST PINOY RESTAURANT MAKATI BEST PINOY RESTAURANT MAKATI: Namnam Greenbelt Makati / Manam Greenbelt Makati   Namnam is one of the best Pinoy restaurants in Makati that offers delectable Filipino cuisine. It is located at Greenbelt 2 near greenbelt church. Namnam will surely satisfy your craving for excellent Filipino food… Read More

Guardians of the Galaxy Movie Review

guardians of the galaxy movie review

Guardians of the Galaxy Movie Review GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY MOVIE REVIEW: HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! Director: James Gunn   Guardians of the Galaxy is truly entertaining! Honestly, I never thought that I would like the movie. The trailer did not leave a good impression on me when I first saw it,… Read More

Best Auto Services: Auto Detailing Makati

Ziebart: Auto Detailing Makati

BEST AUTO SERVICE MAKATI: AUTO DETAILING MAKATI ZIEBART: AUTO DETAILING MAKATI ::AUTO DETAILING MAKATI:: If you are looking for Auto Detailing Services in Makati, I highly recommend Ziebart Makati.   We were supposed to bring my sister-in-law’s Toyota Avanza 2007 Model to Toyota Ayala (corner Metropolitan Ave.) for full auto… Read More

Creative Shirt Cutting Ideas

Creative Shirt Cutting Ideas cut shirt ideas

CREATIVE SHIRT CUTTING IDEAS: CREATIVE SHIRT CUTTING IDEAS: REUSING OLD SHIRTS     CREATIVE SHIRT CUTTING IDEAS If you have a huge stockpile of old clothes in your closet, I think you should either be donating them or at list consider re-purposing some of them especially old shirts! You don’t… Read More