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LTO Student License / LTO Student Permit

Student License Student driver's license



Acquiring an LTO student license is easy! This page provides all the details including the “NEW” LTO Student License requirements and a step by step procedures on how to get an LTO Student Permit.

What is an LTO Student License?
LTO Student Permit allows its holders to hold a motorized vehicle for learning and practice driving with the supervision of a Profesional driver. It is a required document for people applying for driver’s license.


1. Applicants must be at least 17 years old.
2. Physically and Mentally fit to drive or operate motored vehicles.
3. Knows how to read and write


LTO Student License applicants are required to submit the following;
1. Accomplished Application Form- Application forms are available in all LTO branches nationwide.
2. Birth Certificate – Both Original and Photocopy
3. Medical Cert issued by a licensed Physician indicating that the applicant is physically and mentally fit to drive.

Please note that there are accredited LTO Clinics beside LTO Makati or LTO Pililia Branch if you need to get a Medical Certificate.


-Submit these two additional requirements together with the main LTO Student Permit requirements.
1. Guardian or Parental Consent
2. Valid Government ID of the of the consenting parent or guardian
Signatures of the person signed in the consent and ID should match.


1. Proceed to Window 1 or the Customer Service window to get an application form.
2. Fill up the form
(Important fields are: name, birthday, gender, nationality, civil status, the name of spouse *if married, the name of the father, name of mother, height, weight, and signature.)
3. Submit the form to window #2 together with all the requirements.
4. The applicant shall be called for photo & signature.
5. Proceed to the Cashier for payment.
6. Proceed to window 6 or 7 (Releasing) to claim your Student Permit.


Application Fee : Php 100.00
Computer Fee: Php 67.63
Student Permit Fee: Php 150.00
TOTAL : Php 317.63

Important Notes:
*LTO Student Permit is valid for one (1)year.
*LTO Student License & its receipt are needed when applying for a driver’s license.
*LTO Student Permit holders may apply for NonPro or Pro License a month after its issuance.
*LTO Student License holders are only allowed to drive a car if he/she is with a Professional Driver.
*For more questions about driver’s license application, please check [ HERE ] for more details.


LTO Makati Branch District Office
Butel Building, Pililia Street
Makati 1224
Contact Number: (+63) 2 895 8678
Business Schedule: Mon – Friday 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Please feel free to post your comments or suggestions, Thank you very much!
LTO Makati lto student permit : student permit lto Student License
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29 Responses

  1. Benjie Dadigan says

    Hi. Kakakuha ko lang ng student permit. Ang binigay lang sakin is OR. Wala daw yung TDL na sinasabi nila kasi sira daw printer nila. Ask ko lang pag dating ba sa hulihan ok ba ipresent yung OR lang. Kasi sabi nung nasa cashier ok lang daw na yun ipresent. Pls answer. Salamat

  2. Student driver says

    Hello! How much does the medical fee around LTO makati ranges from? Is it still 100?

    • Joyful Mommy says

      Hi as of today Medical Fee beside LTO Makati is Php200.00

      • van says

        hi po! ano po ang mga requirements ngayon sa pakuha ng student license?

    • Joyful Mommy says

      Hi, I renewed my license was back Feb 2017 Med fee around LTO Makati was Php100, but somebody commended here says around Php200 na last Sep 2017, will try to confirm it, I will get back to you. Thanks!

  3. Jocel says

    Hi! Ask ko lang, yung med cert ba is required talaga? Do I have to take the medical na before applying or aadvise nila kung medical na yung next step? THANKS

    • Joyful Mommy says

      Yes, required, If you are planning to get a student permit in Makati, meron naman accredited clinics beside LTO Makati branch.

  4. Fernando says

    Yung ibang LTO branches my cut off na 100 or 120 SP applicant lang, meron din bang cut off sa LTO makati?

    • Joyful Mommy says

      Hi Fernando, papaano pong cut off? ano po ang ibig nyong sabihin? Thanks!

  5. JC says

    la po saken on hand yung original birth cert ko, photocopy lang..

    pwede po kaya yun sa Student License application?

    • Joyful Mommy says

      Hi JC, no sorry you have to present both Original & photocopy.

  6. 20thCentury says

    Pwde rin bang kumuhan ng non pro sa lto makati district office?

    • Joyful Mommy says

      NO, LTO student permit lang ang meron & renewals

  7. Lenin says

    Magkano po kaya ang Medical fee sa tabe ng LTO Makati..?

    • 20thCentury says

      last kuha ko noong sept 22 2017 .. P200 pesos na ang medical

    • Joyful Mommy says

      Hi I paid Php100 but it was for the renewal, i guess same lang naman…:)

  8. Katrin Joy R Dandan says

    nag expired na po student license ko. pwedeng un nlng po ipresent ko with valid ids? thanks

    • Joyful Mommy says

      Hi Katrin, I’m not 100% sure but with the new list of requirements, I think you need to submit your Birth and Medical cert.

      • Lenin says

        Magkano po kaya ang Medical fee sa tabe ng LTO Makati..?

  9. Berna says


    Just want to ask if there’s a medical site within the office? Ayoko na po kasi mag pa medical sa labas 🙂

    • Joyful Mommy says

      Hi Berna, Yes meron naman katabi mismo ng LTO Pililia Makati.

  10. Arnel says

    napakabilis pong kumuha ng sp dito sa LTO makati,kumuha ako last july 23 mga 30 mins. siguro ako nag antay, Ok na rin mabilis..

    tanong ko lang kung pede ko gawing non prof license makalipas ang isang buwan? at pwede ba dito sa LTO makati? at gaano po ka tagal at magkano po kaya ang gastusin kung ako mismo ang maglakad ng non prof license? (HINDI PO PALAKAD SA MGA FIXERS)

    • Joyful Mommy says

      Hi Arnel,

      Yes tama po mabilis lang kumuha ng student permit,

      For Non Pro license, you are only allowed to apply for a non pro license at least a month after the issuance of your student permit so tama po kayo. Unfortunately LTO Makati only offers license (pro and non pro) renewals and Student License issuance. If you’re from Makati, LTO San Juan or LTO Pasay po ang pinaka malapit.

      In our case, Universal Driving School assisted us, we paid Php 1500 (last year)… we went to LTO san Juan early morning before 7 AM, took the exam and got our license at around 1PM.

      Kung personal po kayong maglalakad, I’m not really sure kung gaano po katagal, baka po abutin kayo ng buong maghapon siguro.

      for the fee, im not sure if this is updated..

      BUDGET: Around Php 1,000.00

      Fees and Charges:
      • Medical Exam : Php 100.00
      • Application Fee : Php 167.63
      • Car Rental (Manual Transmission) : Php 250.00
      • License Fee : Php 417.63

      TOTAL : Php 935.26

      thank you!

  11. Mervin Vipinosa says

    Ilang oras po gugulin yan sa pag kuha ?

    • Joyful Mommy says

      In my case, I went to LTO at 4:30 pm and got my student license in 15 minutes.
      It’s actually quick and easy, depende nalang siguro kung madaming applicants.

  12. Renji says

    Hi, am 30 yrs old and i don’t know how to drive yet and i want to learn. Will I have a problem in getting a permit to drive?

    • Joyful Mommy says

      Nope, acquiring a student permit is easy and does not require driving skills, besides the main reason why you are applying for a student (driving) permit is because you want to learn how to drive. All driving schools require their students to get a student permit before enrolling.

      Student permit is valid for one (1) year, however, you are only allowed to apply for a non pro (driver’s license) a month after acquiring your student permit. Actual driving test is given to people who are applying for driver’s license (pro/non pro). 🙂

  13. Justin says

    Is this 1-day processing only? Do they allow applicants that are not living in Makati area?

    • Joyful Mommy says

      Yes, Cheers!



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