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Guide To Choosing a Wedding Photographer




Taking photographs of any important events especially weddings is not really easy at it seems, that’s why it is advisable to hire a professional photographer/s during your big day. Professional photographers have the skills and knowledge to capture every inch of your wedding day and provide you with the priceless memories which you can keep and display. However, finding the right wedding photographer is really crucial especially if you have a limited budget.


Guide To Choosing a Wedding Photographer #1:

1. Make a room in your budget to hire a professional photographer. Do not assign other people (someone you know) who are not professional in this field. They may love taking pictures, but they do not have the experience and the right materials to handle this kind of event. You’ll definitely save money, but it’s a huge risk to take.

Guide To Choosing a Wedding Photographer #2:

2. RESEARCH! Do your homework, you need to do some research especially if you have a limited budget. Find photographers within your budget range > check their works and styles > gather feedback or reviews about them > study all the packages that they are offering (inclusions etc.) > Identify your top picks > make an appointment to settle issues or questions. It is also the best time to personally see some of their works (sample outputs) > consult or speak with your partner > then Decide!
Always remember that having a backup photographer is a smart way to have in this kind of event.
Please feel free to leave comments or share your experiences with your wedding photographer.
Thank you very much and good Luck!
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  1. just sharin says

    FOCAL POINT PHOTOGRAPHY (facebook/focalpointphotography) was the videoagrapher/photographer i got for my wedding, almost 3 years ago. And yes, almost 3 years ago but i still haven’t seen the finished product.. Im not in rush or anything, but that does not mean i have all the time in the world to wait for my pics and vids.. Of course i wanna see them, specially i paid in full on time, so i should get what i paid for on time also (depending of course whose timeline they are following, maybe focal point is following a different calendar, or they just dont have the concept of time and space that we have here on earth). Sometimes i feel it’s partly my fault that i dont follow up too often, but do i really have to? Shouldn’t they know they have to give their clients what they paid for?

    2 years ago, after almost a year of my wedding, i followed up to them.. to my surprise the photographer just asked me if it was me who wanted to select the photos to be placed on the album, or i just let him choose! He is asking me how can he send me the soft copy! Wow!! That meant they haven’t started anything yet, after a year! I forgive them because they maybe really busy, specially i always see his fb post that he has shoot here, shoot there! So ok, since im not rushing, just dont push them! But, oh man, they didnt even know how to apologize!

    Even now, almost 3 years that i followed up, no sorry for the delay, as if they dont owe me something.. Actually, i know some of their clients who has the same experience, at least 1 year in the making ang photos/vids.. Pang matagalan talaga!!! they just know how to shoot vid/pics, but dont know how to respect their obligation.. The most irritating part for me, is that they dont know how to say sorry.. Anuba nman ung pag nag follow up ka e mag sorry for the delay, sila kse e wala lang, it was as if the wedding was just yesterday, chill chill lang e. Their reason is their busy? piece of advice, dont bite off more than u can chew.. If u cant handle so many clients, then dont accept them coz u dont really have the capacity to provide..

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