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Buwan ng Wika: Where to Buy Filipiniana Costumes for kids?

filipiniana costumes for kids



The month of August is right around the corner, Buwan ng Wika or National Language Month is about to kick in! Buwan ng Wika is usually the first significant event or activity in most schools here in the Philippines. Schools require their students to wear Filipiniana Costumes during this big event! Parents are so excited to see their kids wearing our very own Baro at Saya or the famous Barong Tagalog but, where can we find or buy Buwan ng Wika costumes?

Where To Buy Filipiniana Costumes for Kids:

1. The Land Mark Makati
There is a Filipiniana Section in Level 4 where you can find Filipiniana Costumes for Kids ages 3 and up. Filipiniana costumes price range from Php650 to Php1,000++. Filipiniana costumes for adults and accessories are also available!
filipiniana costumes for kids filipiniana costumes for kids
A much cheaper Filipiniana costumes for kids are available at The Landmark’s kids’ section. It is in at the 3rd lever beside kids’ shoe section. The costumes here are very affordable. If you are from Makati and you have no time to visit the famous Divisoria or Baclaran, this is the perfect place for you! The price of Filipiniana costumes for kids starts at Php350
filipiniana costumes for kids filipiniana costumes for kids
2. Baclaran –(Where to buy Filipiniana Costumes)Last year I bought my daughter’s Filipiniana costume in Baclaran. I bought the whole set for only Php 240.00. The store is located at the back of Baclaran Church. That whole street at the back of Baclaran church offers an extensive selection of affordable filipiniana costumes for kids, so if you are on a tight budget and want to have a lovely filipiniana dress for your child this Buwan ng Wika, Baclaran is the best place for you!
filipiniana costumes for kids filipiniana costumes for kids
If you do not have the time to visit Baclaran or Landmark Makati, you can check out any Kultura Filipina Branches in any SM Malls near you. They also offer filipiniana costumes for both kids and adults.

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