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Child Learning Center PreSchool Makati

child learning center preschool makati



Year Founded: 1976
Method of Teaching: Traditional
Address: 1887 Milagros St. San Antonio Village, Makati City
Contact Number: 980-2474 / 895-2389

Child Learning Center Makati Class Schedules:

Morning Classes – AM to AM
Afternoon Classes- 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM

Child Learning Center Makati Curriculum Available:

– Jr Nursery ( 2 to 2.11 Years old)
– Senior Nursery (3 to 3.11 Years old)
– Kindergarten 1 (4 to 4.11 Years Old)
– Kindergarten 2 (5 to 5.11 Years Old)

Child Learning Center Makati Student Teacher Ratio:

– Kindergarten 1 ( Max of 20 Students/ 1 Teacher)
– Kindergarten 2 ( Max of 20 Students/ 1 Teacher)

Child Learning Center Makati Tuition Fee Rate 2015-2016:

(Junior Nursery to Kinder 2)
Annual: Php 49,900.00
Semestral: Php 52,795.00
Quarterly: Php 54,732.00
(Uniform and Books are not included : est. cost: more or less Php5,000.00)

Modes of Payment:
Annual, Semestral and Quarterly

Few Notes:
* All rooms are airconditioned
* Has a small outdoor activity area
* Has an outdoor play area
* Street Parking Available
* Entrance entrance exam is required for K1 and K2.
* Medium of Communication : English
* K2 has 7 subjects
* White and Green School Uniform
* Near Jazz Residences, Makati City Hall, St. Andrew’s Church, Belair 2, Century Mall

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child learning center preschool makati


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7 Responses

  1. sarah says

    I highly recommend this School for those of scouring Makati area, my son has learned a lot throughout Kinder 1. Subjects are a bit advanced for the students to prepare them for big schools. Teachers are very nice and accommodating. My son enjoyed every single day in CLC!

  2. belle says

    hi id like to ask if how much is the tuition fees , ?are they accepting monthly payment ?how much is it ?’
    Im planning to send my 2 daughters , one will be turning 4 by this october and other one 2.5 age.

    • Joyful Mommy says

      Hi, I think they only have quarterly, semestral and annual payment options. I’ll post the exact figures for this year’s TF soon. I’m glad that you are considering this school for your daughters. For me, this school offers the best curriculum around- they have the brightest teachers as well. Students here really do well in big school.

  3. Single Mom says

    My son is turning 3 this April and sad to say I am still unable to send him to school due to financial reason (I am the only one supporting my kid) I came across your blog about recommended pre school as I am planning to send him by the time he turns 4. Do you think its to late to start nursery at 4? Also, I noticed there are no info on nursery for this school. Any idea how much does it cost?

    • Joyful Mommy says

      Hi, If you are planing to send your son here at CLC next year, enroll him at k1 since the age requirement for k1 is at least 4 years old. The Tuition fee is I think the same. This is really a very good school, the curriculum and teachers are amazing. 🙂

  4. I'm a Mom says

    Child Learning Center Makati Review:

    If you really want to prepare your child for big school, send your child here.

    This school will definitely help your child to become ready for big school. Yes this is a traditional school, they may have high student –teacher ratio (1 teacher:20 students) but I guarantee you that your child will learn a lot from this school way better than those progressive schools with low student-teacher ratio.

    • Joyful Mommy says

      Thank you for sharing, I agree with you, I have nothing but praise for this school. I sent my daughter here last summer and I was really amazed how much my daughter has learned within that short span of time.



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