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Victory Liner Pasay: Victory Liner Cubao

Manila to Baguio Bus Fares I Manila to Baguio Bus Schedule

VICTORY LINER PASAY / VICTORY LINER CUBAO BUS FARES, SCHEDULE, BUS DESTINATIONS, TERMINALS AND ONLINE BOOKING:   Victory Liner is one of the most popular bus companies that take us to major destinations such as Baguio, Zambales, Olongapo, Pangasinan, Dagupan and lot more. Two of the most known Victory Liner… Read More

LTO Requirements for Professional License

New LTO Requirements for Professional Drivers License Applicants

LTO REQUIREMENTS FOR PROFESSIONAL LICENSE: NEW LTO REQUIREMENTS FOR PROFESSIONAL DRIVERS LICENSE APPLICANTS:   If you plan to apply for a professional driver’s license, please read the following qualifications; 1. Applicant must be at least (18) years old. 2. Applicant must be physically and mentally fit to operate a motor… Read More

Driving in Rain Safety Tips

Driving in Rain Safety Tips or Rainy Day driving Tips

DRIVING IN RAIN SAFETY TIPS IMPORTANT DRIVING IN RAIN SAFETY TIPS:   Here are few Rainy Day Safe Driving Techniques that will help you reduce the chance of having problems when driving in the rain. Driving in the rain can certainly be challenging where roads become slippery and your visibility… Read More