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Awesome Free Wedding Fonts for You!

Amazing Free Wedding Fonts for You!

AWESOME FREE WEDDING FONTS FOR YOU! LIST OF AMAZING FREE WEDDING FONTS FOR YOU!   Wedding stationeries, invitations, and reply cards are the top concerns of wedding couples. They not only describe what the guests can expect concerning formality but also the overall style and theme of the wedding.Choosing a… Read More

What to wear to a wedding

what to wear to a wedding and dress for wedding occasion

WHAT TO WEAR TO A WEDDING WEDDING FASHION FOR WOMEN   The first thing to consider when attending a wedding is the time and location which can be found on the wedding invitation. Typically a wedding that is at 5:00 PM or later is the perfect opportunity to break out… Read More

Guide To Choosing a Wedding Photographer


GUIDE TO CHOOSING A WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER GUIDE TO CHOOSING A WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER   Taking photographs of any important events especially weddings is not really easy at it seems, that’s why it is advisable to hire a professional photographer/s during your big day. Professional photographers have the skills and knowledge to… Read More

Romantic Wedding Songs For You!

perfect wedding songs

Most Romantic Wedding Songs For You BEST WEDDING SONGS Check out these wedding songs for You! WEDDING SONG LIST 1. Beautiful In white by Westlife 2. A Thousand Years by Christina Perri 3. Everything by Michael Bubble 4. You And Me by Lifehouse 5. On This day by David Pomeranz 6.… Read More

Sacred Heart Makati Wedding Rates

Sacred Heart Makati Wedding Rates

SACRED HEART MAKATI WEDDING RATES: CHURCH WEDDING RATES IN SACRED HEART MAKATI:   Reservation can be made maximum of 1 Year. Couple is required to comeback 5 months before the wedding date for an interview to confirm the reservation together with all the latest wedding requirements.   Reservation made 2… Read More

Wedding Hairstyles for you!

wedding hairstyle 9

LOVELY WEDDING HAIRSTYLES PERFECT WEDDING HAIRSTYLES   Choosing a perfect hairstyle for your wedding is very crucial, with so many lovely hairstyles options around, picking the right one becomes harder. The shape of your face needs to be considered in selecting the right wedding hairstyle, it is important to choose… Read More