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‘Money & Investments’

Importance of Savings and Investments

importance of savings and investments

IMPORTANCE OF SAVINGS AND INVESTMENTS Why people should save and invest despite financial struggles.   The Importance of Savings and Investments People must learn to change their mindset towards money. The ideal mindset, according to experts, must be; Income – Expenditures = Savings VS ordinary people’s mindset; Income – Expenditures… Read More

Pag Ibig Calamity Loan

Pag Ibig Calamity Loan program

PAG IBIG CALAMITY LOAN PROGRAM: HOW TO APPLY FOR A CALAMITY LOAN:   Pag Ibig offers a Calamity loan program to its members. You are eligible to apply for a calamity loan if you are; 1. A member who has made at least 24 monthly contributions or savings. 2. An… Read More

Pag Ibig Housing Loan Requirements

Pag Ibig Housing Loan Requirements

PAG IBIG HOUSING LOAN REQUIREMENTS: YOUR GUIDE You can avail Pagibig Housing Loan through the developer itself, Pagibig accredited developers assist their members in applying for a home loan OR you can go directly to Pagibig. COMPLETE LIST OF PAG IBIG HOUSING LOAN REQUIREMENTS: 1. 2 copies of housing loan… Read More

Emergency Fund

Importance of emergency fund

EMERGENCY FUND EMERGENCY FUND IS A SMART THING TO HAVE!   Financial emergencies can come in the form of health emergencies, job loss, or any other major expenses. Are you prepared to handle those things? Emergency fund is a cash that you’ve saved up for the exclusive purpose of helping… Read More