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Intellicare Accredited Hospitals and Clinics

intellicare accredited hospitals

INTELLICARE ACCREDITED HOSPITALS AND CLINICS For your convenience, here is the list of accredited Intellicare hospitals in major cities such as Quezon City, Pasig, Makati, Taguig, Mandaluyong and more! Details include hospitals addresses, contact information, and coordinators’ names. [ FOR INTELLICARE ACCREDITED OB GYNECOLOGIST CLICK HERE ] INTELLICARE ACCREDITED HOSPITALS… Read More

10 Good Reasons To Eat Bananas!

Good Reasons To Eat Bananas

10 GOOD REASONS TO EAT BANANAS: STARTS EATING BANANAS TODAY! HEALTH BENEFITS OF BANANAS   1. Energy Booster – Eating two (2) bananas will give your body enough fuel to exercise or workout for an hour and a half. It is ideal to eat bananas during the mid-day world when… Read More


TOP 5 BACTERIA HOT SPOTS and dirties places at home

TOP 5 BACTERIA HOT SPOTS PLACES WHERE GERMS LURK Here are some of the dirtiest places or the top bacteria hot spots that you almost never think of as germy:   TOP BACTERIA HOT SPOTS 1. Your Cellphone – Cellphone goes with you everywhere! You put your cell phone everywhere!… Read More