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Sacred Heart Makati Wedding Requirements

Sacred Heart Makati Wedding Requirements

SACRED HEART MAKATI WEDDING REQUIREMENTS CHURCH WEDDING REQUIREMENTS PHILIPPINES To those who are planning to get married at The National Shrine of the Sacred Heart in Makati here are the requirements;   LIST OF SACRED HEART MAKATI WEDDING REQUIREMENTS: 1. You must attend a Canonical Interview. Canonical Interview can be… Read More

Wedding Hairstyles for you!

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LOVELY WEDDING HAIRSTYLES PERFECT WEDDING HAIRSTYLES   With so many lovely hairstyles options around, choosing the perfect one for your own wedding can be very difficult. The shape of your face must be considered in selecting the right wedding hairstyle, and looking for a hairstylist ahead of time is a… Read More

Wedding Gift Suggestions:


GIFT FOR WEDDING: WEDDING GIFT SUGGESTIONS WEDDING GIFT IDEAS PHILIPPINES Attending weddings never fails to amaze me, especially when couples exchange vows. The teary-eyed bride and groom always make my eyes a little misty as I can feel the love and sincerity of the couple towards each other. In this… Read More