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Best Pinoy Restaurant Makati

namnam makati


BEST PINOY RESTAURANT MAKATI: Namnam Greenbelt Makati / Manam Greenbelt Makati

Namnam is one of the best Pinoy restaurants in Makati that offers delectable Filipino cuisine. It’s located at Greenbelt 2 near greenbelt church. Namnam surely can satisfy your craving for excellent Filipino food and can make you appreciate our very own Filipino cuisine even more.

Namnam is the best place to bring your family, friends, most especially balikbayan and foreigner friends who wish to taste our traditional Pinoy food. The place is excellent; the interior speaks for the type of menus that they are offering, and the customer service is superb!

We have tried Crispy Pork Binagoongan, Sinigang na Prawn sa Green Mango, House Pork Sisig, Laing, Crunchy Salt and Pepper Squid Rings, Mango shake!

In Manam, Everything is cooked to perfection that’s why we always find time to visit and please our tummy with the best Pinoy food!

namnam Best Pinoy Restaurant Makati
S,M or L. Your Size Your Way!
S – Good for 1
M – Good for 3
L- Good for 6

namnam sinigang na hiponBest Pinoy Restaurant Makati namnam pork sisig

Namnam Sinigang na Prawn sa Green Mango – Php 240/ Php 435/ Php 805
Namnam House Crispy Sisig – Php 120/ Php 205/ Php 375

namnam mangga at bagoong Best Pinoy Restaurant Makati namnam squid rings

Namnam Crunchy Salt and Pepper Squid Ring – Php 140/ Php 250/ Php 440

namnam manggo juice Best Pinoy Restaurant Makati namnam pork binagoongan

Namnam Crispy Pork Binagoongan – Php 190/ Php 348/ Php 635
My all time favorite! Best Pork Binagoongan I have ever tasted!

OVERALL RATING: Highly Recommended! This is the best filipino or Pinoy Restaurant in the City!

Best Pinoy Restaurant Makati: Namnam Greenbelt Makati

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