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KFC Birthday Party Package

kfc birthday party package

KFC BIRTHDAY PARTY PACKAGE KFC BIRTHDAY PARTY PACKAGE: KFC Vito Cruz offers a great venue for [birthday] parties. It can accommodate a massive number of guests. Usually, the party area holds a maximum of 60 guests, but the whole second floor can be opened and can house of up to… Read More

Max Restaurant Birthday Party Package


MAX RESTAURANT BIRTHDAY PARTY PACKAGE: MAX’s RESTAURANT BIRTHDAY PARTY PACKAGES: *Updated 2018   Max’s Restaurant in Waltermart Makati offers an excellent venue for special events such as Baptisms and Birthdays. The party area can accommodate of up to 50 – 60 guests. The Max Birthday Party Packages are also applicable… Read More

Max Restaurant Baptism Package

Max Restaurant Baptism Package

MAX RESTAURANT BAPTISM PACKAGE MAX RESTAURANT BAPTISM PACKAGE: WALTERMART MAKATI (Rates applicable to all branches)*updated 2018   Max’s Restaurant in Waltermart Makati is a great venue for special events such as Baptismals and [Birthdays]. The party area can accommodate about 50 to 60 guests. Below rates are applicable to all… Read More

Steps to Earthquake Safety

Steps to Earthquake Safety I earthquake safety tips

STEPS TO EARTHQUAKE SAFETY IMPORTANT EARTHQUAKE SAFETY TIPS   When it comes to earthquakes, there are simple things you can do to make yourself safer. These simple steps to earthquake safety will help you better PREPARE to SURVIVE and RECOVER wherever you live, work or travel. STEPS TO EARTHQUAKE SAFETY… Read More