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Max Restaurant Baptism Package

Max Restaurant Baptism Package

MAX’S RESTAURANT BAPTISM PACKAGE MAX RESTAURANT BAPTISM PACKAGE: WALTERMART MAKATI (Rates applicable to all branches)   Max’s Restaurant in Waltermart Makati is a great venue for special events such as Baptisms and Birthdays. The party area can accommodate about 50… Read More

Penafrancia 2015 Schedule

PENAFRANCIA 2015 SCHEDULE Peñafrancia Festival Schedule of Activities Penafrancia festival is one of the most important religious celebrations not only in Naga City but all over the Philippines. Thousands of devotees and tourists from different part of the country come… Read More

Emergency Fund

Importance of emergency fund

EMERGENCY FUND EMERGENCY FUND IS A SMART THING TO HAVE!   Financial emergencies can come in the form of health emergencies, job loss, or any other major expenses. Are you prepared to handle those things? Emergency fund is a cash… Read More